Taking actions to help insects

The project “Actions for Insects” shows how we can create a better world for insects together and why that matters.

Bug in natureInsect in nature

Our mission

Inform about insects

Our information helps you to learn about insects, their importance and the problem of insect decline.

Provide ideas

Our collection of ideas helps you to find easy and effective ways to support insects in your daily live.

Contribute to change

We want to involve as many people as possible to take small actions that change the world at large.

What makes insects important?

You can find reliable and fun information about many insect groups in our insect information page. Find out, why tomatoes need bumblebees, and what lipstick and candies have to do with bugs.

There are many ways to help insects

Many insect species worldwide are declining as a result from human actions. If our actions are crucial for the decline, we need to take better actions to reverse this trend.

Explore diversity & contribute to science

Insects are incredibly diverse and beautiful when you take time to observe them. Our Citizen Science project gives you the opportunity to observe and identify insects in your environment. At the same time, you contribute to science for insect conservation.

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