Who we are

We are educational scientists in biology education at Karlstad University, Sweden. Our collaboration started in 2021 with Peter Lampert receiving a Marie Curie Fellowship by the European commission.

Peter had the idea to start a project on the current environmental problem of insect decline and finding ways to empower students to help insects. Daniels and Niklas’ expertise in the field of education for sustainable development helped to transform this idea into a high-quality educational research project.

Together, we started the “Actions for Insects” project to make people more competent in taking actions for insects.

“We do not only need to be aware of the problem of insect decline, we need to take action.”

- Peter Lampert
Our goal

Empower people to take actions for insects

Our aim is to empower people to take beneficial actions to help the small creatures that run our world. We provide relevant knowledge about insects and the problem of insect decline, and concrete action possibilities. We believe that education is the key to take better actions and to create a more sustainable future for insects and us humans.

Our vision

Many small actions can lead to a big change together

We want to reach as many individuals and schools as possible with our “Actions for Insects” project.Taking many small actions together can contribute to a real change and a shift in our perception ofinsects. We envision a future that provides good conditions for insects and a diversity of connectedwildlife, and people that appreciate and support this diversity.

Meet our team

Daniel Olsson
Educational background and data analysis
Peter Lampert
Project coordination and development
Niklas Gericke
Project and research planning

The project “Actions for Insects” shows how we can create a better world for insects together.